At bMEDcare we have passion for Positive Health.
“Skin in the game, Body and Mind in control”

More specifically, we are passionate about preventing medical conditions with our health-conscious consumer and we believe that taking proper care of skin, body and mind is the basis for this.

We have deep knowledge about and an unwavering focus on the fields of Skin Care and Nutritional Balance.  The people we focus on are skin-concerned consumers, and nutrient-aware consumers.

Our purpose is to bring Positive Health.  A healthy lifestyle is important, likewise is a varied, balanced diet.  Our nutritional supplements help to achieve the goals of our consumers. Whether it’s pregnancy related, personal goals related or just to concentrate better: consumers can rely on Essential Organics / EO Puur.

Our skin care products are developed to prevent allergic reactions and fit perfectly well with those with a sensitive skin. Whether it concerns the daily cleaning routine restoring skin balance, or gently nourishing and hydrating the skin: consumers can rely on Dermolin to do the job.

Our Story

Positive Health, good vibe, great results.

After extensive experience in large international companies the independent company bMEDcare was founded early 2017 and our brands were acquired only a few months later.
In an entrepreneurial and new approach we built a network set-up working asset-light and in hybrid teams.

To achieve the Positive Health purpose we have formed connections with our partners, which are medical professionals, R&D labs, logistic services and drug retailers.  Together we develop, produce and market the next consumer-preferred selfcare product. 
We have enjoyed rapid growth growing our consumer fanbase first in the Netherlands and subsequently also in Belgium. What’s next ?

Quality Products

Curated selection for
skin care and wellness needs.

Local Heritage

Proudly designed and produced
in Holland.

Innovative Solutions

Stay ahead with advanced
skincare and wellness solutions.




>20 %

Weekly sales:

> 10.000 CU

Our Brands

Essential Organics

Supplements without concessions,
purely for you.

Launched in 1976


The Specialist in
Hypoallergenic Skin Care.

Launched in 1992

Our Team

Edwin Driesenaar

Boudewijn Meyer

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bMEDcare B.V.
Mozartlaan 25-L
1217 CM Hilversum
The Netherlands


+31 (0)85 8770596

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